Welcome to the website of the 2000HIV study

Why are we doing this research?

Nowadays Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection can be effectively treated so that the life expectancy of people living with HIV approaches that of those that are not HIV infected. 

The reason is that HIV medication effectively suppress viral production, so that HIV becomes ‘undetectable’ in the blood.  Hence, the immune system can recover. However, subtle deviations in the immune system and increased inflammation remain, even if HIV is undetectable in the blood.

We believe that the increased inflammation in people living with HIV augments the risk for cardiovascular disease and certain cancers and increases the rigidity and fat content of the liver. Therefore, suppressing the virus alone seems insufficient to counteract the subtle changes in the immune system. Moreover, we know that interrupting the medication leads to the detection of HIV in the blood, which further compromises the immune system. The current drugs are not able to completely eliminate HIV and cure the patient.

Many researchers have already looked at the causes of increased inflammation in people with an undetectable HIV load, but a clear answer to this question has not yet been found. The degree of inflammation differs amongst patients and no good explanation has yet been established.

By evaluating the immune system of people living with HIV, we expect to gain  insight into the causes of increased inflammation, and we hope to find ways to treat people with HIV better than currently possible.


In the 2000 HIV study, we investigate genetic factors, various aspects of the immune system and the influence of the intestinal flora on all these aspects. We also want to assess the influence of increased inflammation on the condition of the liver and the arteries (atherosclerosis).

The 2000 HIV study is a Dutch study in which four HIV treatment centres participate:  Radboudumc in Nijmegen (initiator of the study),  Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the OLVG in Amsterdam and Elisabeth-TweeSteden hospital in Tilburg.

For the 2000 HIV study, these four hospitals work together with ViiV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company specialised in the development and production of HIV medication. It is the conviction of the researchers that this collaboration makes resources available that increase the chance of finding an answer to the above mentioned questions.

When you participate in the 2000 HIV study, we ask you to come to the hospital twice. We try to plan this after a scheduled appointment at the hospital. The extra examinations for this study do not cost you anything. For your participation in this study, you will receive an expense allowance (including travel costs) of € 30 per visit. This is declared to the tax authorities as income.